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Responsible Sustainbility Challenge

a 15 ECTS multidisciplinary and interuniversity track for talented and motivated Master Honours students

TheĀ 4TU.Responsible Sustainability Challenge is an initiative of theĀ 4TU.CentresĀ High-Tech Materials,Ā EnergyĀ andĀ Ethics & Technology. This challenge started as a pilot in November 2022. The aim is to continue this course in November 2023. If you are interested, please contact us viaĀ 4TU.HTM.

Please visit the following webpageĀ for more information

Highlights of the course:

Highlights in edition 2022:

Core Team

Dr. Mina Shahi
Energy Technology, Coordinator 4TU.RSC, UTwente
Dr. Shoshan Abrahami
Materials Science and Engineering, Coordinator 4TU.RSC, TU Delft
Dr. Maja Rücker
Energy Technology, Coordinator 4TU.RSC, TU Eindhoven

Course Motivation

From a studentā€™s perspective, this module fills a current need for a practically oriented educational programme that highlights multidisciplinary collaboration. In particular, excellent Master (Honours) students want to improve their leadership/teamworking skills and gain real-life project-based experience in a structured and guided way. This module allows students to step outside their own university and study fields and to put theoretical knowledge into practice. The course is built on the challenge-based learning principles and asks students to drive their own education to gain the knowledge and skills that fit with their individual needs. The module focuses on the topic of sustainability, which is a topic that unites students from all different backgrounds and which sparks tremendous enthusiasm within the student community. The module also brings together staff, student assistants and experts from the four technical universities to increase further collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

Core Elements

Within the 4TU.RSC track, the focus is on providing students with a structured approach to implement or improve sustainability efforts within organizations. Students work together with their peers from the other participating universities (Twente, Delft, and Eindhoven) in multidisciplinary groups. The challenge consists of the following core elements.

Aside from these core elements, we are working with (student-driven) organizations at the three universities to create a broad network to support the different groups and to provide engaging and inspiring sessions throughout the track.

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