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4TU.Energy strives to accelerate society's transition to a carbon-neutral future by fostering connections within its energy community and leveraging their expertise. As a result, a Curriculum Overview has been created to showcase the wide range of courses related to the field of Energy.

The Curriculum Overview highlights the major courses on both master level and bachelor level related to Sustainable Energy Technology, offered by Delft University of Technology, Eindhoven University of Technology, University of Twente and Wageningen University & Research. Each university's curriculum has its own strengths to address various aspects of energy studies, including sustainable energy technologies and environmental impact assessment. This overview provides a starting point to get an overview for course offers and to explore a better course setting. Additionally, this overview benefits students with a comprehensive understanding of energy-related challenges and solutions.

Within the 4TU context, 4TU.Energy plays an active role in organizing courses that cross the border of disciplines and universities, such as the 4TU.Responsible Sustainability Challenge, a MSc Honours track. The track focuses on the multidisciplinary development and implementation of sustainable technology, with an emphasis on energy, materials, and ethics.

Mapping the variety of courses is ongoing work, we kindly ask you to check the info below and give your input (in case of anything needs to be changed/added) on the separate page here.Ā Read the context for the following figure below.Ā 

How to read theĀ CurriculumĀ Overview

The hexagons with the darkest colour and orange letters indicate the main categories we have been able to find so far. These categories correspond to theĀ 4TU.Enegy Research Map, including: Batteries, Computer Systems, Chemistry for Energy, Industry, System Transition, Renewable Energy, Heat, Hydrogen, Built Environment and Earth Systems / Earth Observation.Ā 

Courses are named individually. Courses for bachelor students are indicated as 'BSc' and courses for master students are indicated as 'MScā€™.

The info of "course offered by which university" can be distinguished by the text color: Blue-TUDelft;Ā Red-TU/e; Black-UTwente; Green-WUR. The colors are aligned with the logo's color of each university.Ā 

Course details are all provided; most courses have embedded hyperlinks as underlines; a few courses, weblinks for course details are not open to the public, instead, there are PDF attachments in number sequence; to view these attachments please open the ā€˜Attachment paneā€™ in your PDF reader.