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In the following news section you will read about news in the 4TU.Energy community. You can read our contributions to the 4TU.Federation newsletter here. 

22 Jun 2023
RSC end event at ProRail Utrecht
On 22 June 2023 at ProRail Utrecht, the talent masters students in the Responsible Sustainability Challenge course got their certificates, after presenting their honors program project results for the academic year 2022-2023.
19 Jun 2023
Meet Our Energizer - Keerthivasan Rajamani
2nd publication in our 2023 series of "Meet our Energizer". This series highlights stories of our researchers
13 May 2023
RSC Workshop - Sustainability and Entrepreneurship
Looking back on the Responsible Sustainability Challenge (RSC) workshop held on 13 May 2023 at TU Eindhoven, co-organized by the 4TU.Centre High-Tech Materials, 4TU Centre for Energy, and 4TU.Centre for Ethics and Technology , with the topic of sustainable energy and entrepreneurship!
27 Mar 2023
The 4TU.Energy Community Day in retrospect
This is a day full filled with inspiration and interaction; this is a day as a start of communication and collaboration.
13 Mar 2023
Meet Our Energizer - Maartje Boon
1st publication in our 2023 series of "Meet our Energizer". This series highlights stories of our researchers
7 Dec 2022
KHMW Essayprijsvraag – Energietransitie
A request to send in essays on how the energy transition optimally would take place – max 1.500 words – winning essays will be published in a bundle by the KHMW
19 Nov 2022
Kick-off 4TU.Responsible Sustainability Challenge
The next seven months, the 4TU.Responsible Sustainability Challenge (4TU.RSC) is taking place, an initiative of three centres of the 4TU.Federation: 4TU.High-Tech Materials, 4TU.Energy and 4TU.Ethics & Technology.
20 Oct 2022
Responsible Sustainability Challenge
It is an Honors track (Nov.2022-Jun.2023) intended for motivated, talented Master's students of 4TU. Based on a Challenge-Based Learning approach, they will work with industrial partners, researchers and social parties on a sustainability case
13 Sep 2022
Workshop - Underground Hydrogen Storage
The workshop on the topic of "Underground Hydrogen Storage" has taken place on 13 September 2022 at TU/e
18 Mar 2022
New 4TU.Energy video
In the new 4TU.Energy video, Harry Bitter (WUR), Michael Boot (TU/e) and Wiebren de Jong (TUD) highlight the possibilities of biomass in the transition to clean energy. Their goal? To accelerate towards a carbon neutral society!
25 Jun 2021
Wanna be the next Elon Musk? Update 4TU Student Challenge
In May students were invited to form a team to compete for the student team award of Carbon Removal XPRIZE. This initiative by Elon Musk aims to find students who want to tackle the problem of climate change and participate in the capture of CO2. 4TU has offered support by offering workshops and coaching, but also offering the 4TU Student XPRIZE for the best pitch.
2 Mar 2021
Interview David Smeulders, Director 4TU.Energy
David Smeulders (TU/e) has been the Director of Research at 4TU.Energy since July 2020. He took over the role from Paulien Herder (TU Delft), who initiated the Centre in 2019. 4TU talked with Smeulders about the progress being made on the energy transition, technological advancements and 4TU.Energy’s contribution to these developments.