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Evaluation of 4TU.Energy Pitch Training for PhD candidates

Wednesday, 6 December 2023

An evaluation of the PhD Pitch Training – November 2023

On 14 and 17 November, 2023, a comprehensive 4TU.Energy PhD Pitch Training was conducted online, attended by two groups of dedicated PhD candidates. This online workshop with the title of "Pitch Your Research" was conducted by ElroyCOM training, to help Ph.D. students within 4TUs to improve their pitch skills. The workshop lasted for 3 hours and was moderated by one main trainer and an actor assistant, with more examples and interaction.

Motivation letter from Trainer

Workshop Program

This report looks at the feedback the participants provided and highlights various aspects of the training.

Participant Feedback

Across both sessions, a total of 20 participants contributed valuable feedback (9 on 14 November, 11 on 17 November), providing a comprehensive assessment of the workshop. The overall satisfaction level remained consistently high, with the majority of participants scoring the entire workshop either a 4 or 5 out of 5.

Trainer and Actor Performance

Positive sentiments echoed in both sessions regarding the trainer and the actor, with participants unanimously praising their effectiveness. The feedback revealed that 17 participants gave a perfect score of 5 out of 5 for the trainer and actor, emphasizing the consistent quality of their contributions.

Application of Workshop Principles

Similar patterns emerged in responses regarding the application of workshop principles to participants' work. The input indicated that the majority scored this aspect a 4 or 5 out of 5, showcasing a widespread confidence in the practical utility of the workshop content.

Teaching Speed and Duration

Comparing both sessions, concerns about the speed of teaching principles and the duration of the workshop were more pronounced in the session on 14 November. The 17 November session exhibited a more favourable response, suggesting potential improvements in pacing and duration based on participant feedback.

Materials Used

Consistent across both sessions was the positive reception of workshop materials. Participants appreciated the resources provided, indicating a successful selection of materials that contributed to a conducive learning environment.

Learning Outcome

The feedback on the overall learning outcome demonstrated an overall positive trend. Participants on 17 November were notably more positive than their counterparts on 14 November, suggesting potential refinements in the workshop's educational approach.

Theory vs. Practice

The ratio between theory and practice received unanimous approval from all participants in both sessions. Additionally, the input indicated that 18 out of 20 participants would enthusiastically recommend this training to others, emphasizing its effectiveness.


In conclusion, the evaluation of the 4TU.Energy PhD Pitch Training indicates a consistent positive response from participants. While certain areas, such as teaching speed and duration, may benefit from fine-tuning based on individual feedback, the overall success of the workshops is evident in the high participant satisfaction, commendations for the trainer and actor, and a strong inclination to recommend the training to others.