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Webinar series challenge-based education at 4TU

Friday, 15 January 2021

4TU.CEE has launched a new webinar series. It will explore the many forms and variants of challenge-based education at the 4 Universities of Technology in the Netherlands.

Challenge-based education is propagated as “The framework for Education” preparing students for addressing complex challenges forwarded in the sustainable development goals. These represent the most significant challenges in society, such as climate change, covid 19 and many others in need of technological or other creative and innovative solutions. A challenge typically proposes a real-world and authentic challenge, creating deep, meaningful and purposeful learning, while bridging the gap between academia and society. Yet many questions on how to best realise this type of education remain. Therefore 4TU proposes a series of best practices of Challenge-based learning within each institution and an open debate on specific aspects of the challenge-based learning, and it’s many remaining questions in dire need of substantial educational research.


We are looking forward to hearing from 4TU staff about their challenge based initiatives and experiences and sharing our experiences! We wish to engage in an open debate about the best ways to implement Challenge-based learning at 4TU. We’ll meet you on the following dates: