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TU Delft 4TU.CEE project portfolio is available

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

The 4TU.CEE TU Delft team has made a project portfolio. It shows the variety of themes and topics that the Delft pillar of 4TU.CEE has addressed over the last years. It also presents the most important project results and progress for both educational innovation and education research projects. The portfolio shows that many TU Delft colleagues from a variety of faculties have already found their way to 4TU.CEE to jointly improve engineering education.


The 4TU.CEE projects have been clustered by theme. These themes have been derived from the strategic development plan of 4TU.CEE 2017-2021 and were calibrated with the Executive Board of TU Delft and the 4TU-Board. They are:

Read all about the 4TU.CEE projects at TU Delft in the project portfolio.