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Supporting cross-cultural university education

Friday, 13 November 2020

Current and future students will work in a rapidly changing world that differs significantly from the present situation. We do not know exactly which new learning outcomes will be needed, but population growth combined with globalisation and digitalisation makes it clear that a global mind-set and the ability to effectively operate in a multicultural environment will be crucial. 4TU.CEE looks ahead into the skills of future engineers as demonstrated in several publications*. One of those skills is the ability to work in an intercultural setting.

Student immersion into different cultures within a university might facilitate the development of intercultural competence within “the international classroom”. However, the competencies and support of teaching staff are also essential for optimising this process. This is why 4TU.CEE is offering cross-cultural university education training to 4TU staff. These sessions are highly appreciated as is shown in the article ‘Supporting cross-cultural university education’. It demonstrates that even in a situation with experienced teachers and clear policies and support for the international classroom, additional training is still valuable.

Would you like to upgrade your intercultural skills? You now have the opportunity to follow the upcoming (online) workshops:


* Selection of publications on the future of higher engineering education