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Sector plan project ‘Advancing university teaching and educational careers’

Sunday, 31 October 2021

The ā€˜Advancing university teaching and educational careersā€™ project was launched on 1 April 2021. It is one of six ā€˜Sectorplan BĆØtatechniekā€™ projects initiated by 4TU. The project team aims to help realise educational careers within the (faculties of) of the universities of technology, and to gain insight into how meaningful assessment of educational quality takes place. The project is closely aligned with the Recognition and Rewards program of VSNU.

Identifying obstacles and needs

The past few months connections have been made with relevant players within universities of technology and science faculties of general universities in order to identify what has been developed so far, what obstacles and which needs exist. Good practices and valuable ideas are also shared within a group of contact persons. The most useful ideas and good practices will be shared more widely through the Innovation Map during the duration of the project (2021-2024).

Educational careers

The collection and analysis of policy documents, as well as various conversations and meetings, show that most universities have mainly recorded a vision and ambitions with regard to recognizing and rewarding education. Universities are intensively mapping the possibilities and conditions for educational careers. What the job profiles (will) look like differs per university. Usually a career path is described in which both education and research are important aspects, but the focus is more on education.

Preventing subjectivity

Describing assessment criteria that do justice to the quality of teaching and education, but are not subjective in a way that members of career committees and other assessors evaluate differently, is a difficult quest. This issue worries some academics. There is a need for good practices and tools, but also for discussing the concerns and gaining support. The project will respond to these needs in the coming period.

As of November 1, the project will be led by Sylvia Walsari Wolff, in collaboration with Sascha Wanna (both from TU Delft). You can contact them for more information. More information about the project can als be found here and about the Recognition and Rewards program of VSNUĀ here.