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First certified learning assistants at the UT

Monday, 13 July 2020

The University of Twente has done a successful pilot with new and more extended didactical training for Learning Assistants (LAs): students who are formally involved in other students’ learning processes. Student-assistants have sufficient content expertise but many can improve on didactical skills according to UT students. They requested to spend part of the ‘Kwaliteitsgelden’ on more extended training, which was assigned to them. The new LA trajectory (28 hours, 1 EC) is spread over two quartiles. It focuses on didactical principles and didactical reasoning and prepares LAs for their current tasks as well as for other LA tasks they might get in the future. ’During the pilot we noticed that students really learn to look at education differently, from the perspective of the teacher. That is exactly the effect we wanted to achieve’, says Ineke ten Dam of 4TU.CEE who, together with Marieke van Geel, is responsible for the pilot. The first three LA’s received their certificate from the rector last week.

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