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8 Sep 2021
4TU.CEE initiates white paper on the impact of Covid-19 on university teaching and learning
In this white paper 4TU.CEE reflects on what the Covid-19 pandemic has brought to our education system.
7 Sep 2021
Best practices in Entrepreneurial Engineering Education at the 4TUs
Teaching an entrepreneurial mind-set becomes an increasingly valuable skill for future engineers. But how is this done at the 4TUs? Read all about it in this brochure.
6 Sep 2021
Student Tom Jaring wins BK-Launch voucher with business plan for an eco-sound wall
Tom Jaring was chosen as winner of the BK Launch Studio, an elective course of the MSc Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences at TU Delft.
12 Jul 2021
Launch of 4TU-VO platform
Secondary school pupils will get a taste of engineering education
8 Jul 2021
4TU.CEE Strategic Plan 2022-2025
The new 4TU.CEE strategic plan 2022-2025 has been approved by the 4TU Education Board. The strategic plan describes the topics and projects that 4TU.CEE will be working on in the period that lies ahead.
6 Jul 2021
Interdisciplinary presentations in bachelor end projects
Peter Ruijten, researcher at TU/e, started the project ā€˜Interdisciplinary presentations in Bachelor End Projectsā€™ to help students communicate in interdisciplinary settings.
1 Jul 2021
Farewell Ineke ten Dam at 4TU.CEE UT
Ineke ten Dam has finished her 4TU.CEE coordination work at UT in June. Chris Rouwenhorst has taken over his coordination tasks completely.
17 May 2021
2nd international science and engineering education PhD symposium
Register now for the international PhD seminar that will take place on 8 June.
16 May 2021
From scattered training to aligned development: Skills learning trajectories in WUR Bachelor programmes
Claire Goriot, postdoc at WUR, investigates what educational design choices were made in constructing learning trajectories, and what stakeholdersā€™ experiences with the trajectories are.
14 May 2021
Newest TU/e Corona monitoring report indicates small deterioration of students’ well-being
The findings of the third report of the ā€˜Corona Monitoring and Student Learning' project at TU/e showed a small deterioration of student well-being from Q1 to Q2 on almost all indicators.
12 May 2021
EdTech Project to evaluate educational technology innovations at WUR
Testing of educational tools by educational technology experts.
3 May 2021
The first seven education fellows have started at University of Twente
UT Rector Tom Veldkamp appointed the first seven Teaching & Learning Fellows last April as part of a pilot from the 4TU.Centre for Engineering Education.
20 Apr 2021
Boundary Crossing at WUR: an update
Find out about the latest developments of the Comenius project 'Boundary Crossing as modus operandi at Wageningen Universityā€™.
1 Apr 2021
Aniek Draaisma joins 4TU.CEE as project leader advancing teaching
On April 1st, Aniek Draaisma started at 4TU.CEE as project leader ā€˜Advancing teachingā€™.
23 Mar 2021
Peer feedback in higher education: A questionnaire to assess students’ motivation
PhD candidate Priyanka Pereira of University of Twente is working to develop and validate a comprehensive questionnaire to assess studentsā€™ motivation to learn and to participate in a peer feedback activity.