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15 Jan 2021
Acceleration Plan educational innovation with IT
The University of Twente participates in the Acceleration Plan educational innovation with IT.
15 Jan 2021
Project proposal nationally recognised Student Education Qualification
A proposal has been made to arrive at a nationally recognised Student Education Qualification (StOK).
15 Jan 2021
Webinar series challenge-based education at 4TU
4TU.CEE has launched a new webinar series. It will explore the many forms and variants of challenge-based education at the 4 Universities of Technology in the Netherlands.
14 Jan 2021
How mobile technology can facilitate students’ collaborative learning – in lockdown and beyond
In the 4TU.CEE project “Mobile learning” TU/e researchers conducted research to understand how students use distance collaboration tools when working together on homework assignments.
14 Jan 2021
Twente teaching and learning fellows
The first cohort of Teaching & Learning Fellows at UT will be announced this spring.
13 Jan 2021
Global science and engineering education PhD seminars
4TU.CEE together with KU Leuven’s LESEC (Leuven Engineering & Science Education Center) and the University of Western Australia organise the first of a series of international phD seminars on 9 March 2021 (9-11 hrs).
18 Nov 2020
TU Delft 4TU.CEE project portfolio is available
The project portfolio shows the variety of themes and topics that the Delft pillar of 4TU.CEE has addressed over the last years presents the most important project results and progress for both educational innovation and education research projects.
13 Nov 2020
Supporting cross-cultural university education
Student immersion into different cultures might facilitate the development of intercultural competence within “the international classroom”. However, the competencies and support of teaching staff are also essential for optimising this process.
12 Nov 2020
Teachers play important role in facilitating multicultural group work
To understand the challenges and gains, and to identify the variables/processes that facilitate/hinder students’ multicultural group work at TU/e, postdoc Cui Ping is researching multicultural student group work in an international classroom.