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Introducing new coordinators for 4TU.CEE

Sunday, 25 February 2024
Meet three new coordinators for 4TU.CEE - contact persons for TU Delft, UTwente and Wageningen University

4TU.CEE introduces three new coordinators

In October 2023, Vera Scheepens became a valuable addition to our 4TU.CEE team at TU Delft. Since January 2024, Priyanka Pereira and Stijn Heukels have taken on their new roles, actively coordinating the 4TU.CEE communities at the University of Twente and Wageningen University and Research, respectively. Their dedication is crucial in fostering a dynamic and collaborative environment within the 4TU.CEE community.  

In line with these new developments, we updated our corporate 4TU.CEE brochure

Vera Scheepens

Vera Scheepens is the new coordinator at TU Delft. She has been involved in education innovation, collaborations and strategic management as former lecturer, project and international partnership manager and team lead in educational technology support. Vera’s ambition is to strengthen collaboration and knowledge sharing between the 4TU and with the TU Delft lecturers. At the same time, she wants to streamline the organization and its processes to create even more opportunity for innovative projects. In January ’23, she was also appointed as manager of the Centre for Education and Learning within the LDE alliance.

Vera Scheepens, new CEE coordinator at TU Delft

Priyanka Pereira, new CEE coordinator at University of Twente

Priyanka Pereira

Priyanka Pereira is the new CEE-coordinator at the UT. Priyanka Pereira is currently completing her PhD study at the ELAN Department (Department of Teacher Development) at the University of Twente, which is funded by the 4TU.CEE. Her project focusses on the use of peer feedback in the STEM fields of higher education, specifically on the factors influencing the use by teachers and students. Priyanka has also contributed substantially to the evaluation study of the CEE-T&L Fellowship at the UT.

Stijn Heukels

Since January, Stijn Heukels is the new CEE coordinator at Wageningen University & Research. His ambition is to ensure that the investments within CEE also lead to concrete improvements in education at WUR. At the same time, he wants to increase the involvement of WUR lecturers in CEE. As a policy advisor, he has already been involved in the distribution of budgets for educational innovation for the past ten years and will continue to do so. From February, Stijn has also been appointed within the Wageningen alliance with TU/e, UU and UMCU to work on joint educational innovations.

Stijn Heukels, new CEE coordinator at Wageningen University & Research