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Project introduction and background information

Fifty percent of the technically educated professionals do start working in the technical labormarket (SER, 2014), while tech companies are often looking for good technical talent. Thus, there is a "gap". So far is unclear why so many students do not choose a technical profession. 

In the research project "Bridge the Gap", we focus on STEM students in higher education (hbo and wo) during the transition from study to work.

Objective and expected outcomes

Bridge the Gap! develops and test tools and interventions to help students and professionals to gain insights in and confidence in their own professional identity and as such contribute to a deliberate and appropriate study and career choices.

The project furthermore wants to enhance understanding of crucial and determining experiences in the development of professional identity and the process of study and career choices of students and professionals so the developed tools can be used at the best moments.

We also want to learn more about the context in which formation of professional identity takes place and how environmental factors influence different types of STEM students and professionals. This is input for guidelines for education and industry to attract and retain more diverse STEM talent.

Practical outcomes





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