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Project introduction and background information

This teaching topic is about supporting students during the thesis process. Three study advisors wrote this teaching topic as an element of the University Study Advisors Qualifications trajectory. They each describe a case, a problem analysis and their conclusions, supported by literature.

During the MSc thesis process students work individually. Their projects are complex and comprehensive, and the number of supervision hours is restricted. Students have to make use of all prior knowledge and academic skills, deepening and broadening both if necessary. The process also demands project management and communication skills in their interaction with supervisors. 

Results and learnings

Within the framework of the UT study advisor qualification (BKS), three student advisors have outlined ways to enhance the success and progress of students engaged in the thesis process. Each takes a different perspective.


This Teaching Topic hands out advice about different problems that study advisors might encounter, based on experiences from three study advisors from the University of Twente. Please see the article  in the downloads section.

This Teaching Topic hands out several recommendations about the addressed problems that study advisors might encounter.

Practical outcomes

Please see the article in the downloads section.