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Project introduction and background information

This project includes:

  • Internationalisation of the Bachelor's Soil, Water & Atmosphere courses, if relevant in combination with methods to activate students in their learning. EMC 2018-2019, start projects April 2017.
  • New introductory course of 3 credits:¬†Introduction Soil, Water, Atmosphere to introduce the societal and scientific setting, and the methodology and natural science approach of the programme. It intends to motivate students, and give them a clear view of the set-up of the programme. Soil, Water, Atmosphere.¬†Implementation start project¬†now, EMC 2017-2018.¬†
  • Coherence BBW skills including development of rubrics.¬†Project started already (preparation by Moene, first discussion in working group Moene, Ellis Hoffland, Cathelijne Stoof, Ellen Torfs, Gerrit Epema) discussed on Teachers day 2016, now: working group).¬†
  • Coherence in modelling and programming BBW (and MEE). Project started already (teachers day 2016, working group). Intention is to expand this discussion to include how to activate students and make education more efficient.(subject for teachers day 2017, project running in 2017-2018).
  • Coherence in excursions and fieldwork, including new methods. Discussion, on teachers day 2017, project running in 2018.
  • Job market and societal aspects. This was discussed more often. Project started after teachers day 2016, by working group of the PC. Also discussed with the External Advisory Board 2015 and 2016. Running.
  • Internationalisation BBW2, if relevant in combination with methods to activate students in their learning.EMC 2018-2019, but first teaching in 2019-2020 start projects April 2018.

Objective and expected outcomes

Coherence of the Bachelor's Soil, Water & Atmosphere skills including development of rubrics.

  • Internationalisation¬†with stimulation students to be¬†active¬†participants in education is the main aim of adaptations in year 1 of BBW. Courses can be scaled up more easily with increasing student numbers.
  • A starter course¬†will be made ready for internationalisation. Activating students from the very beginning of the programme is an important aim. The course can be scaled up easily.¬†
  • Skills project. It will stimulate students to be active in developing their skills. Ready for internationalisation.