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Project introduction and background information

The University of Twente has recently implemented the Twente Educational Model (TOM) in all of its undergraduate (bachelor’s) programmes. TOM is a transformational innovation, involving the introduction of modules as the organizational principle, and Project-Led Education as the driver of didactical change. In 2013, two projects were started by PhD students. Both have teacher learning as their subject. One project is about how teachers professionalize while designing and implementing the new curriculum. The other project researches the inter- and intra-team learning in the process of curriculum and module design, in the light of various student outcomes.

Objective and expected outcomes

The goal of both studies is to obtain a better understanding of the implementation of TOM at the UT. One of the anticipated outcomes is a  clearer view on how teacher professional development can be facilitated.Key target groups include: Educational Programme Management; Department Chairs; Human Resources staff; Educationalists supporting the professional development of teachers.

TOM covers all nineteen current undergraduate programmes. This includes a large group of engineering curricula: Advanced Technology, Applied Physics; Biomedical Technology; Business & IT; Chemical Engineering; Civil Engineering; Creative Technology; Electrical Engineering; Industrial Design Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Technical Business Administration; Technical Informatics; Technical Mathematics; Technical Medicine.