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Project introduction and background information

Students in the courses 'INF-50806 Agent-Based Modelling of Complex Adaptive Systems' and 'INF-51806 Modelling and Simulation of Complex Socio-Technical Systems' are expected to experiment and work with the software Netlogo. However, getting started with this software can be quite challenging, especially without a programming background. Currently, there are no quick and easy hands on video tutorials available for the software Netlogo. This education innovation project will produce a video tutorial series that consists of nine 10-minute videos. In these videos the instructor will guide the viewer in developing an agent based model that will touch upon all the basics of Netlogo programming, including syntax, interface building and output visualization.

In order to develop this video tutorial series:

  • A practice model will be developed that includes all the basics of Netlogo.
  • A script will be written that will go through all the steps of the development of this practice model.
  • Using the script the full development of the model and explanation of all its components will be narrated and recorded using professional audio equipment and screen capture software.
  • The audio and video files will be processed and edited to deliver an on par quality video series in reference to the MOOC modules.
  • The complete tutorial series will be delivered in a requested video format.

Lecturers of the courses will be consulted in each step of the development process to ensure the educational quality of the Crash Course: Netlogo.

Furthermore, a format with guidelines on how to develop such a tutorial series will be created during this project. This format can than later be used by other lecturers during the development of other video tutorial series.

Objective and expected outcomes

Support learning of NetLogo by students who already know other programming environments, by means of knowledge clips.

Results and learnings

Targeted instruction for WU-level generalist students needing to learn NetLogo.


If anyone needs to learn NetLogo, they can use the clips; lecturers could also think of similar clips for other skill-based issues. For more recommendations, please contact Gert Jan Hofstede.

Practical outcomes

Crash Course playlist