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Project introduction and background information

This project focusses on providing a clear picture for students and lecturers of the different learning pathways within the BBC-programme of WUR (Bachelor Bedrijfs- en Consumentenwetenschappen)  and to optimize each learning pathway by minimizing overlap and gaps between courses. The BBC-programme faces two problems: 1) The lack of insight in the structure of the BBC-programme by both students and lecturers, and 2) Suboptimal learning pathways because of improper connections of courses.

The successive steps in the current project are:

  • Assignment by the programme committee of a coordinator for each learning pathway. The coordinator will preferably be a lecturer of a pivotal course in the learning pathway;
  • Identification of core courses and applying courses in the respective learning pathway;
  • Raising awareness and creating a basis for support amongst lecturers by organising a group meeting for each learning pathway;
  • Assessment of gaps and overlap between courses in the learning pathway by consulting lecturers and course guides;
  • Find solutions for overlap and gaps by means of discussions with relevant lecturers;
  • Writing a learning pathway guide that informs both students and lecturers about the courses and the nature of the connections between courses in the learning pathway;
  • Integration of the learning pathway guide in the communication about the programme and involved courses.
  • Setting up of a continuous coordination procedure to ensure lasting implementation after the end of the grant.

Objective and expected outcomes

The aim of this programme innovation project is to improve the level of the BBC-programme and the study results of the BBC-students by optimizing learning pathways in the program and by providing students more insight in these learning pathways. We want to decrease gaps and overlap between courses and improve student results.

Results and learnings

  • Deepening of knowledge
  • High-quality scientific knowledge
  • Rich learning environment; combining knowledge, skills and attitude
  • Improvement of the level and coherence of the BBC-programme.