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Project introduction and background information

This session explains how problem-based group learning (PBgL) cases are converted to online cases, while maintaining the problem-based group learning principles. We developed these online cases for a course for first year BSc Food Technology students, whose numbers increased from 76 in 2012 to 156 in 2016. Due to the increased student numbers, it became impossible to arrange enough rooms for PBgL meetings.

Objective and expected outcomes

SupportingĀ problem-based group learning.

Results and learnings

During the session, participants can try out for themselves how online group work is organised via the Blackboard environment. It can be experienced how groups, each with a maximum of five students, work together in one document using Google Docs. Tutors provide tips and comments in the same document.

After this session, you will have seen an example of how we approached the conversion of group cases to online group cases and you will have heard about our first experiences. Furthermore, you will have tried out how online working in groups works and feedback can be arranged.