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Project introduction and background information

We created more flexibility in our course schedule, by turning specific lectures into knowledge clips, that students can watch at their own pace and time. This way, the lectures did not have to be scheduled on a fixed time in the course, and we could use time and spaces more efficient. In general students were positive about the clips (though the new way of student evaluations does not really allow for specific questions on it). Studentā€™s exam grades on these topics were no different from previous ears, so their learning ability seems the same.

The course attracts many students, but is limited in capacity due to certain practicals and facilities. In the past we had to disappoint and refuse students access to the course. We could accommodate ~90 students, but increased capacity of the course to ~120 students, given the interest in the course and growing number of students in the curriculum.

Objective and expected outcomes

The specialized practicals and facilities for group work have limited capacity for students (e.g. sensory booths and kitchen of Forum; sensory booths at restaurant of the Future). As we do not wish to increase group sizes, weĀ liked to spread the practicals and group work over the course scheduleĀ so we can make better/broader and more flexible use of the facilities and accommodate more students.

Results and learnings

  • We added uestions (with feedback) to the knowledge clip online, so that students can assess their understanding of the content
  • Accommodation ofĀ greater numbers of students by incorporating novel teaching methods in the course (i.e. knowledge clips)
  • Learning outcomes of the courseĀ remains similar
  • No increase in group sizes for the practicals and group work, as this may compromiseĀ studentsā€™ (hands-on) learning.


Take plenty of time to prepare the knowledge clips! Experience makes it easierĀ 

Practical outcomes

Contact for the knowledge clips.