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Objective and expected outcomes

The objective of this project was to create a better learning environment for differentiated learning regarding Presentation Skills.

Results and learnings

Because of this project, we have way less confused students and less email. The evaluations were more positive. Also, there was a slight increase of Pace, like aimed for. Deadlines were reached more consistently. The course ran much smoother in general, also for me as a teacher there was much less work.

The platform is an important influence on the learning experience and process of students in sophisticated blended learning courses. Blackboard online blended courses are difficult to adapt to a complex and integrated blended course, they should be kept simpler.


  • Already have a very clear structure of the design that has a certain kind of rhythm/flow for the students before you start building.
  • Think about how small you want to make your building blocks.
  • Keep to a user-centered way of working.
  • Know the circumstances of your students (which other courses do they follow, what are they looking for in your course, what do they need (not want), etc.).
  • Check with students if your ideas resonate.