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Project introduction and background information

Entrepreneurship in Geospatial Education: a Bridge Towards Sustainable Development

Today we face a range of complex and wicked problems, from climate change to sustainable development of resources and the well-being of citizens and their environments. The Masterā€™s Ā Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation(M-GEO) programme is confronted with the challenge of graduating professionals that are capable of using geospatial science to address these eminent problems while contributing to economic and social gains.

Objective and expected outcomes

TheĀ short-term questionĀ of this research is:Ā What are the characteristics of an entrepreneurship course, optimal for M-GEO education and students?

Whereas theĀ long-term questionĀ of this research is:Ā Would incorporating entrepreneurial mind-set in the M-GEO education programme contribute to the creation of industrial innovation and the establishment of a knowledge-based society, ameliorating thereby sustainable developments in targeted countries?

Results and learnings

In this context and understating the changing paradigms in development corporation -- giving a mayor role to the private sector in the aid to trade agenda -- the proposed entrepreneurship course will empower M-GEO students with the skills to innovate solutions that are sustainable and have socio-economic relevance.