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Project introduction and background information

Fifty percent of the technically educated professionals do start working in the technical labormarket (SER, 2014), while tech companies are often looking for good technical talent. Thus, there is a "gap". So far is unclear why so many students do not choose a technical profession.

Tech Your Future is a center of expertise in engineering education. In partnership with the University of Twente and Saxion Hogeschool she finances projects to optimize the recruitment, promotion and connection of technical talent towards the labor market.

In the research project "Mind the Gap", we focus on bèta-- and engineering students in higher education (HBO WO) during the transition from study to work.

Objective and expected outcomes

The career compass aims to support students and graduates in their career choices. All questions are scientifically validated. The career compass consists of five sections, namely your interests, competences, values, personality and goals

The career compass offers an insight in the different types of technical professionals. What are they good at and what do they consider as important attributes in a job.

By following students during the transfer from study to work, we are able to map their changing affinity with engineering.

Students get more insight of themselves as professional by the compass and tech companies can use it as a tool for their future employees.

Practical outcomes

  • Mind the Gap! carriere kompas
  • Presentatie WO opleidingen - resultaten en vervolg