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Project introduction and background information

Nowadays electronic testing packages offer excellent opportunities for students for practicing mathematics. However, traditionally mathematics exams still consist of merely open exercises.

This project has been part of the Senior University Teaching Qualification (SUTQ) at the University of Twente. SUTQ is designed for experienced teachers who achieved their UTQ (or exemption) and have the ambition to improve the/their education. For more information see the SUTQ website.  

Objective and expected outcomes

To what extent can traditional summative mathematics tests be transformed into digital tests, without harming validity and reliability? Compose a hybrid test containing both open (pen and paper) and closed (final answer) exercises.

Results and learnings

  • No complex exercises in closed form.
  • Provide students with sufficient representative practicing material.
  • Not all educational targets are suitable to be tested with closed exercises.
  • The test package itself might have unexpected technical restrictions as well.


Extension of hybrid tests to other mathematics courses. More information on the project and recommendations can be provided. Feel free to contact the involved contact persons.     

Practical outcomes

In the attachments you can find the final poster presentation of this project.