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Project introduction and background information

This projects is an experiment in three different presentation times with the use of clickers. Students are asked after each presentation, to rate the student who has just presented. After the presentation day, students receive a questionnaire with questions about their experience of the day. The questionnaire will also be administered to a control group who have held presentations on the same day but have not made use of the clickers.

Objective and expected outcomes

The main goal of this project is to investigate whether the involvement of students during presentations can be increased. In addition, two sub goals are formulated. Firstly, increasing awareness of the student with respect to the evaluation criteria. Secondly, it is a goal to gain insight in the assessments that students give each other.

This study was conducted to investigate whether the involvement of the students at presentations can be enhanced with the use of clickers. The results show that the use of the clickers to rate each other after each presentation had a slightly positive effect on the involvement of the students in the presentations.

Results and learnings

The results show that the questions asked by the teachers and the feedback teachers give influences the opinion of fellow students on the presentation.


The education adjustment that could be derived from this is that the teachers could involve fellow students actively when asking questions and formulating the initial feedback. 

The possibility that the teachers were to compare their assessment of the students creates an additional moment of reflection so that the objectivity of the final assessment is increased. The teachers experiences this as pleasant, even though the figure is what they eventually give seldom exactly corresponds to the assessment by the students.

Practical outcomes

See the end report at the downloads.