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Project introduction and background information

This project focusses on:

  1. Introduction of the flipped classroom approach which requires students to be prepared when entering the classroom: the course (6 ETCS) has only 8 hours of plenary lectures and 46 hours for feedback and other high cognitive learning activities.
  2. Introduction of 5 e-learning modules to give the students the opportunity to study at their own pace and time.
  3. The use of peer learning which has increased the efficiency of lecturers and contributed to learning in communities.
  4. The use of knowledge clips to replace plenary lectures and to enable students to get acquainted with the case study area and the stakeholders in this area.

Objective and expected outcomes

The aim was to prevent redundancy so that student with different cultural and scientific background could familiarize themselves with the assumed knowledge and, at the same time, could acquire new, more in-depth, knowledge and skills (without redundancy).

Results and learnings

The project:

  • Enabled active and individual learning
  • Created time for feedback and other high cognitive learning activities


  1. Spend more time to explain the principles of the flipped classroom approach, probably we are going to make a knowledge clip over this subject
  2. Streamline the use of feedback fruits: students had too many places where they could post comments. Actions to be taken: (i) appoint moderator; (ii) students have to make a portfolio of the best contributions (based on a presentation of the “Docentendag”).
  3. Prepare an extra module on integrating the subjects presented in the five e-learning modules