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Project introduction and background information

In the Minor Communication Design for Innovation (CDI) students learn how they can design communication processes and means in all phases of an innovation process. In this way, they learn to improve their insights and skills with which they can make communication as an effective part of innovation and make innovations really work in practice.

C-Lab (communication lab) is a part of this minor programme. In the C-Lab students design communication processes and means in such a way that it directly fits to organizations. In practice, there is a big gap between organization and communication.  So, what students do is combination of communication, innovation and marketing. They have to design in one process that fits to needs of the organization.

The objective is to teach engineers to be more communicative not just skills but really in the core what they do in engineering.  They learn engineering directly from the technical perspective and communication perspective. So, it is not engineering something then at the end think about communication but thinking and working with both together.

  • Students can directly link communication into their own engineering practice.
  • They learn how to combine their existing knowledge and skills with communication. They already know design and designing process. This programme teaches students to  combine their knowledge which they already have and methods which they already knew with communication. Here the new thing is, to learn how to fit communication into this process.
  • Have a clear method.
  • Include more about 4D modeling 3D modeling of social psychological models. That’s what students really like because then they can see what the model is. That’s quite specific. Students found it very good idea. We have it already now, we want to improve it.

From the first day, students will follow theoretical courses and adapt to the knowledge gained in the Communication Lab (C-Lab). The theoretical subjects change but  the teamwork for communication design continues. Students participate in 5 masterclasses where they gain skills and additional substantive knowledge that they need as a professional communication engineer.

The minor CDI consists of two parts of each 15 EC. The first part can be followed separately. This part consists of two theoretical subjects, a masterclass and a part of Communication Lab (C-Lab) practice. The first part is more theoretical and it finishes with an analysis report and a clear draft of integrated communication and innovation.  

The second part is more practical. Besides a theoretical course where the personal development has a big role, now the students are supported by four masterclasses. The second part follows the first part, so this is not a separate part.