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Project introduction and background information

At Eindhoven University of Technology, students participate in different courses to obtain their degree in engineering education. But what do they actually learn during their time at the university? And how do they perceive their own learning? To answer these questions, TU/e developed a 'learning gains framework' for engineering education and validated the framework via interviews with students.

Objective and expected outcomes

The objective is to develop a valid learning gains framework for innovative engineering education.

Results and learnings

Leaning on the CDIO framework as a basis, Martina van Uum and Birgit Pepin were inspired by other frameworks, such as the mathematical proficiency framework of the National Research Council and a general learning gains framework (Vermunt et al., 2018). The developed framework was validated via interviews with students from different faculties. The particular strategy 'pie chart drawing' was used to get an indication about students' perceived importance of their self-reported learning gains.


To investigate learning gains in traditional versus challenge-based learning.