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Project introduction and background information

In 2018 the faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment launched the Research-on-Education-Innovation initiative, which has grown into a programme with a large variety of innovation projects, research on education projects, and scientific publications. This seminar which will be held in the academic year ’20-’21 brings together the staff of the ABE faculty to present and further discuss our experiences on the themes of:

  • design education;
  • academic skills for ‘bouwkundigen’;
  • blended/online education;
  • multi-, inter- and transdisciplinary education.

Additionally, we will invite people from the 4TU.CEE community and external critics to reflect with us on our achievements in this programme so far, and our ambitions for the future.

Objective and expected outcomes

  • to exchange and more systematically document our experiences on our research-on-education-innovation projects 2018-2020
  • to reflect on our research-on-education-innovation portfolio of projects
  • to inspire colleagues to contribute to this faculty-wide endeavour


We will deliver seminar proceedings with brief contributions presenting and discussing our faculty’s education research and education innovation projects and ambitions

Results and learnings

The ABE faculty feels the responsibility to educate its students best to its abilities. Evidence-informed education innovations play an important role to continuously improve and discuss the contents and pedagogies of our curriculums, studios and courses. But it is a huge challenge and learning experience for all of us to get from ‘regular’ education evaluations towards an educational-scientific approach towards teaching and learning. It asks for interdisciplinary co-operation between us engineers and educational scientists.