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Wilko van Loon
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Innovations of Wilko van Loon WKP (Wilko) van Loon
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Multidisplinairy approach, active teaching and balance in staff work load
Course LevelCurriculum LevelBScInformative without practical outcomeWageningen University & Research
Created: 02/05/2017
Modified: 19/10/2020
The project starts with a new course. FEM-1xxx3 Introduction to Forest and Nature Conservation. In the next year new activating working methods can be implemented in the 4 other first year courses, unique to the BSc Forest and Nature Conservation. By co-organizing this course by teaching staff from social and ecological sciences, we want to create awareness, openness, appreciation and the right a…
Interdisciplinary education
ICT enhanced engineering education
New teaching structure, methods and literature for science communication 2.0
Course LevelCurriculum LevelMScInformative without practical outcomeWageningen University & Research
Created: 18/05/2017
Modified: 23/09/2020
The aim of this innovation plan is to develop a new teaching format (structure, methods, literature) for educating students in science communication 2.0. The format should fit natural science students as well as (a smaller portion of) social science students. Also, the format should be flexible - being able to address both smaller and larger groups of students, as the group size may fluctuate ove…
Dealing with diversity
Stimulating active participation by redesigning curriculum and courses
Course LevelCurriculum LevelBScInformative without practical outcomeWageningen University & Research
Created: 16/05/2017
Modified: 28/09/2020
This project focusses on redesigning the basic engineering study track in BAT. Students have complained about unclear structure, large number of different elements and missing challenges, while unmotivated students were the despair of teachers. The low evaluation scores for those basic engineering courses was discussed within the board of the educational institute repeatedly. This problem has to …
Dealing with diversity