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Migchiel van Diggelen
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Innovations of Migchiel van Diggelen

M.R. (Migchiel) van Diggelen
Development of an assessment tool for Design-Based Learning Environment
Course LevelEvidence BasedToolInformative without practical outcomeEindhoven University of Technology
Created: 16/03/2018
Modified: 28/09/2020
Learning Environments often encompass the social, physical, psychological, and pedagogical contexts in which teaching and learning occur. It includes the relationship between the teacher and the students, the relationship among the students, students’ learning approaches and motivations, supportive learning technologies, how the curriculum has been developed in relation to the learning outcomes s…
Teaching Excellence
Course LevelCurriculum LevelEvidence BasedArticle (research paper)ToolIncluding practical outcomeEindhoven University of Technology
Created: 27/07/2016
Modified: 15/10/2020
This project resulted in an overview of how teachers of Industrial Design write feedback and provides insights in its merits and shortcomings. The first step of the project was to analyze and mine a large database of teacher feedbacks for Industrial Design students. This corpus was sampled and analyzed. Important aspects of teacher feedback were identified, and based on relevant literature of fee…
ICT enhanced engineering education
Teaching Excellence
How to coach students that work on complex design challenges of a multi-disciplinary nature?
Curriculum LevelIncluding practical outcomeEindhoven University of Technology
Created: 08/03/2017
Modified: 19/10/2020
In the long run, the aim of the Eindhoven University of Technology is to educate the engineer of the future who deals with complex design challenges which are multidisciplinary by nature (CDCM) requiring creative and innovative thinking and making skills (source: website TU/e). Dealing with this kind of challenges asks for a non-traditional design engineering approach and a different way of educa…
Teaching Excellence
Organizing and providing effective feedback to students
Course LevelCurriculum LevelEvidence BasedToolIncluding practical outcomeEindhoven University of Technology
Created: 11/08/2016
Modified: 15/10/2020
Nowadays, teachers in higher education more and more encounter larger groups of students which are more diverse. Simultaneously the goal of education is shifting towards preparing students for life-long learning. Teachers might need to shift their teaching style from a more teacher-centered style to a more student-centered style. In student-centered teaching styles the teacher often has a more co…
Teaching Excellence
Studying Teacher Coaching
Curriculum LevelEvidence BasedIncluding practical outcomeEindhoven University of Technology
Created: 15/08/2016
Modified: 08/10/2020
Teacher coaching is a concept that has been introduced in the TU/e Bachelor College and has been implemented in the different Departments in various ways. Although the set-up in the departments is different, the goal of teacher coaching is identical: Students learn to reflect on themselves, to assess where they currently stand, and to make decisions about their personal, academic and professional…
Teaching Excellence