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Arthur van Goethem
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Innovations of Arthur van Goethem

dr. A.I. (Arthur) van Goethem
Course LevelInformative without practical outcomeEindhoven University of Technology
Created: 16/03/2018
Modified: 28/09/2020
Digital education provides a unique opportunity to reshape our educational practices in order to optimally use our limited resource in terms of human capital and continue to provide excellent education to our students. In this context developing knowledge and tools for the design of smart digital formative (and summative) assessments is a key step towards fully digital education.
Blended learning & virtual labs
Structural scaffolding via diagrams to teach students syntactic proof production
Course LevelBScInformative without practical outcomeEindhoven University of Technology
Created: 08/06/2020
Modified: 28/09/2020
One of the main difficulties for starting students is the ability to argue in a rigorous manner. We consider the notion of structural scaffolding, the principle of materializing structural features so that students can explicitly work on these structural features. We aim to supply students with a visual diagram-style representation of the underlying logic in the argumentation of a textual proof.
Blended learning & virtual labs
Tool support for structured drawings in automated feedback and assessment
Course LevelToolInformative without practical outcomeEindhoven University of Technology
Created: 05/06/2020
Modified: 05/03/2021
Many fundamental concepts are based on discrete combinatorial structures. To test understanding of such structures the ability to manipulate them as drawings is required. Moreover, due to the structured nature of the drawings it is possible to create open-ended exercises with the automated grading accuracy of closed-format questions.
Blended learning & virtual labs