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Omid Noroozi
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Dr. Omid Noroozi is an Associate Professor of educational technology at Wageningen University and Research, the Netherlands. He has fostered an interest in understanding the relations among technology, pedagogy, and learning higher-order skills (e.g. critical thinking, reasoning, problem-solving, communication, collaboration, self-regulation, entrepreneurial thinking) with a specific focus on students’ argumentation competence development in higher education. He has been fortunate enough to receive research/education innovation grants to design, implement, and improve various technology-enhanced learning environments for facilitating students’ higher-order skills in higher education.
His research has been the subject of top scientific publications and research awards. He has served as an editorial board member of various international peer-reviewed journals and also edited several special issues as guest editor. Next to organizing various educational research workshops, he has been a scientific member of various conferences and presented many papers both as presenter of articles and/or as invited keynote speaker. He is a member of scientific associations e.g. AERA, ISLS, ICO, EARLI and serve as an active reviewer for more than 40 international peer-reviewed journals and conferences.
He has been a visiting scholar at University of Michigan, USA, University of Oulu, Finland, and Tarbiat Modares University, Iran. He has made working relationships with national and international respected scholars from different parts of the world which has opened his eyes towards how best to provide relevant and useful service to learning sciences community.

Innovations of Omid Noroozi

Design, implementation and evaluation of a blended argumentation-based simulation module
Course LevelMScToolInformative without practical outcomeWageningen University & Research
Created: 27/07/2018
Modified: 28/09/2020
This project focusses on developing the new blended module if possible within the existing digital learning environment at WUR, including Blackboard and/or FeedbackFruits. However, these tools will need to be adapted to accommodate the needs of the new simulation module, while also being intuitive and easy to use. This will require testing of different options and make use of a programmer/ICT exp…
ICT enhanced engineering education
Evaluation of Educational Technology Innovations at WUR
Course LevelBScMScIncluding practical outcomeWageningen University & Research
Created: 14/04/2021
Modified: 04/11/2022
WUR has created a new procedure for innovating education via Educational Technology (EdTech). Evaluation plays a key role in this procedure to provide an overall and detailed view of effectiveness and usefulness of the experimented IT tool.
Interdisciplinary education
ICT enhanced engineering education
Evaluation of “Bring Your Own Device” Project in WUR
Course LevelCurriculum LevelAbove curriculumEvidence BasedIncluding practical outcomeWageningen University & Research
Created: 17/03/2020
Modified: 15/10/2020
Wageningen University and Research (WUR) is looking into creating more flexibility in education, to enable students to be able to use supporting software and technology on their own devices instead of being constrained to the EduPCs in the PC rooms. As such, the “Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)” project was introduced. In this project, students would have the opportunity to use their own laptops (in…
ICT enhanced engineering education
Online Education During Covid-19 Pandemic / Towards Post-Covid-19 Education
Course LevelCurriculum LevelAbove curriculumIncluding practical outcomeWageningen University & Research
Created: 08/04/2020
Modified: 27/03/2023
ICT enhanced engineering education
Redesign Lab
Above curriculumInformative without practical outcomeWageningen University & Research
Created: 13/05/2020
Modified: 20/10/2021
The Redesign Lab is a method to facilitate educational innovations that involve multiple stakeholders. This project evaluates the effectiveness of the method.
Interdisciplinary education
ICT enhanced engineering education
SURF project: Improving students’ argumentative essay writing
Course LevelBScMScEvidence BasedToolIncluding practical outcomeWageningen University & Research
Created: 16/04/2021
Modified: 16/04/2021
In this project, we aim to explore the effects of an online peer feedback support tool on various aspects of learning and writing where students with authentic essay writing tasks engage in thoughtful criticism of the work and/or performance of their peers using given criteria.
Interdisciplinary education
ICT enhanced engineering education