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Leon Olde Scholtenhuis
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Léon olde Scholtenhuis, assistant professor, Faculty of Engineering Technology, Department of Construction Management & Engineering (CM&E). I occupy this position since 2016, when I started as researcher in underground infrastructure networks, and construction innovation through digitalization. Currently, I am the lead researcher in my group’s ZoARG | ReDUCE unit, which focuses on the development and research on reduction of damages to utilities and careful excavation. I also teach in courses related to this. I developed and coordinate the B.Sc. minor Smart Ways to make Smart Cities Smarter (for which we won the ECIU Team Award in 2017). I am also a lecturer in the CM&E master. Here I teach in Building Information Modelling, 5D and Planning; Digital Technologies for Civil Engineering; and, Subsurface Utility Engineering. One of my core philosophies in teaching is that it should be engaging for both students and staff. To this end, I try to use real life cases, and involve industry. This enables me to learn myself as well from the project work that students do.