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Inspiration Day | Personal Development in Challenge Based Education

Thursday 14 April 2022 / 11.00 - 14.30

How to enhance your Professional capabilities in Challenge Based Education?

Many universities are embedding Challenge Based Education in their educational programmes to strengthen the liaisons with outside stakeholders, whether these are governmental agencies, industry or civil participants. In general, when designing CBE, the focus is on problem-solving capabilities for societal and engineering challenges. However, to be an effective problem solver, one needs to acquire meta-cognitive skills (professional skills, transversal and transformative skills etc.). These skills often remain under the radar of the official programme or course and are not included in the learning objectives. More importantly, are we lecturers equipped to use our meta-cognitive skills to guide students' personal development? Are we able to develop as lecturers through self-reflection? Should we change how we engage external stakeholders in line with this focus? In this session, we would particularly like to pay attention to the personal development in the Challenge-Based Education Context from the perspective of students and lecturers. Equally, we would like to build on cross-community collaboration as a tool for personal growth in a reflective journey of the days challenges.


The programme will consist of two keynotes and lunch.


Franziska Trede is Associate Professor in Higher Education and Professional Practice at the Institute for Interactive Media and Learning (IML) at UTS (Australia). She will be joining us online and speak about:

Educating the Deliberate Professional: an Arts-based Design for Researching Professional Identity Development
Deliberate professionals are thoughtful, consciously aware and courageous in the choices they make about how to think, act and be in the world. They do not take anything for granted but have a curious, inquisitive mind and question the why and with whom and for what purpose. The concept of the deliberate professional is redressing the balance between technical, practical and emancipatory learning and practising. In this interactive keynote Franziska will talk about the four characteristics of the deliberate professional and argue for the need to place purpose, choice and agency at the centre of educating deliberate professionals who are prepared to learn and practise in the company of uncertainty. Franziska has used the concept of the deliberate professional in researching first year engineering and IT students’ professional identity development drawing on an arts-based design to explore and make visible for students the many hidden aspects that play a role in their professional identity development. You will be invited to interpret the arts-based products that students have created as part of this research and make connections to your own teaching.

Mieke van der Bijl-Brouwer is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft. The topic of her keynote is:

Student-staff partnerships in challenge-based education
Challenge-based education prepares students for the complexity that they will face in their future workplace. To deal with the complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty of these challenges, students, teachers and other academic staff often work and learn together as neither staff nor students know the ‘answer’ to the challenge at hand. In this talk, Mieke will share how the nature of such ‘student-staff partnerships’ can influence learning outcomes for both students and staff. She draws on a transdisciplinary perspective on partnerships which shows how participatory principles from different disciplines, such as ‘co-design’, ‘co-management’ and ‘socially engaged art’ can be used to shape student-staff partnerships and negotiate the desired outcomes of such partnerships in terms of learning, relationships, knowledge and innovation. She will illustrate these principles with examples from her work in developing and delivering education in design and in transdisciplinarity.

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14 April 2022


11.00 -14.30h


Online and at TU Delft 

You can join today from 11:15 online:

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University lecturers, study-advisors, and counsellors 

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4TU.CEE & CDI (Communication Design for Innovation)

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