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Training 'Teaching in the international classroom'

Monday 6 09.00 until 7 April 2020 17.00

2-day training 'Teaching in the international classroom'

Please note this meeting has been cancelled and will be postponed because of the coronavirus measures.

This 2-day course is designed to help teaching staff at universities learn to teach their domestic and international students core intercultural competencies. Students need to learn these in order to interact more effectively and appropriately with the culturally diverse student population and lecturers they are encountering in today’s international classrooms and will continue to encounter during their future careers.

You will develop

  1. Increasing cultural self-awareness
  2. Increasing awareness of others (including students and teachers) within their own cultural contexts
  3. Cultivating and developing capacities to identify, understand, manage, communicate and apply emotions effectively and appropriately.
  4. Bridging the cultural gap in those contexts: shift perspective, attune emotions and adapt our behavior in effective and appropriate ways.

For whom

Lecturers of 4TU who have experience in lecturing or providing tutorials. They should have some familiarity with issues and challenges encountered in teaching students in international classrooms. The course will also be appropriate for teaching staff who have had some experience but no formal training in how to respond to the issues and challenges encountered there.

The course will be highly interactive, featuring a diverse and varied set of exercises including video clips, simulations, group assignments, and case studies. Participants will be encouraged to share and exchange their experiences in international classrooms, to explore the challenges they have encountered, and to work together to come up with solutions and best practices. Participants will be invited to share their experiences and the lessons they have learned in international classrooms.


One part of the course will be the DMIS (Developmental Model Intercultural Sensitivity). As preparation for the course, you will be asked to complete the online Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) that is related to the DMIS. For this, you will receive an email with a personal login to answer the questions of the IDI. 

During the course, the trainer will be introducing the background of this survey to you and the other participants. After the course you will receive the individual profile and receive an individual debrief of the trainer. The planning for this will be made during the course, the debrief will take place after the course in a one-to-one meeting (by Skype).

During the course, you will receive the book: Intercultural Sensitivity: From Denial to Acceptance by Ir. Carlos Nunez and others. 

Practical details:

Date:              6 & 7 April 2020
Time:              9:00-17:00h
Location:        TU Eindhoven  
Costs:             free of charge for anyone working at 4TU. Lunches on both   
                      days are included, but costs for dinner and an optional 
                      overnight stay in a hotel are for own expenses.
Registration:  At this moment it is not possible to register. 
Trainer:           Marijke van Oppen, Intercultural Trainer 4TU.CEE
Information:    For questions concerning the course, please contact