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Challenge Based Learning series webinar #2 'Entrepreneurial engineering education & CBL'

Monday 28 November 2022 / 10.00 - 12.00

4TU.CEE continues the successful webinar series on challenge-based education in the new academic year at the 4TUs. This year we will broaden the scope to pedagogies that are closely linked to CBE like interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary learning and entrepreneurship education and pay more attention to learning with and from external stakeholders in CBE. We will focus on lessons learned for implementing or improving Challenge-based education and research.

The  Monday November 28 webinar focuses on entrepreneurship education and CBL.


  • Gert Guri [TU/e]
  • Victor Garcia Galofré [TU/e]
  • Dr. Ufuk Gür [TU Delft]

Content TU/e

Educating entrepreneurial skills, attitudes, and mindsets among all engineering students has the potential to let them develop the capacity to create social, cultural, environmental and/or economic value to face the Grand Societal Challenges of the 21st Century, namely the Sustainable Development Goals. Such challenges are spiced with complexity, uncertainty and have a value-laden character that can be addressed in higher education through value-creation pedagogies. In this perspective, the Challenge Based Learning pedagogy offers an adequate learning framework to educate the professionals of the future with an entrepreneurial mindset by enabling students to provide feasible and impactful solutions to real life challenges.
In this webinar, we will have a theoretical approach to understanding entrepreneurship education from a value-creation perspective and we will analyse specific value-creation cases that are currently running at TU/e.


Content TU Delft

In a wider sense, entrepreneurial engineering holds a contextual meaning for existing organisations as intrapreneurial engineers engage in the practice of innovating technology. As an evolving research stream, investigations about the role of the entrepreneurship educator in engineering education prevail, as well. As part of the 4TU CEE, a 'Train the Trainer Program' is being developed for Engineering Educators at 4TUs through design research. The program aims to develop the trainees’ knowledge and competencies in adopting entrepreneurial engineering content and didactics such as challenge based learning of students. CBL can bring entrepreneurial engineering practice and experience into the learning environment. Those challenges might especially include the multi-level aspects of the practice such as the individual level (role-based), project level, team level, organisational, inter-organisational and institutional level challenges which are completely aligned with the stakeholder view of CBL.



Monday 28 November 2022


10.00 - 12.00




free of charge for anyone working at 4TU universities or RU Groningen