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Webinar 'Challenge Based Learning research and education in connection with its (external) stakeholders'

Tuesday 4 October 2022 / 09.30 - 11.30

4TU.CEE continues the successful webinar series on challenge-based education in the new academic year at the 4TUs. This year we will broaden the scope to pedagogies that are closely linked to CBE like interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary learning and entrepreneurship education and pay more attention to learning with and from external stakeholders in CBE. We will focus on lessons learned for implementing or improving Challenge-based education and research.

We will kick-off the new series with 3 speakers:

  • Nina de Roo (WUR/INREF)
    will discuss lessons learned from 10 years of projects from INREF (Interdisciplinary Research and Education Fund): interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary and participatory research and education projects relating to the sustainable development goals. Their recent report draws interesting lessons learned from these projects:
    What can researchers achieve when looking beyond the limitations of their own domain and collaborating with stakeholders in the field? And how can we make use of these insights in education?
  • Jillian Student (WUR)
    Incorporating external stakeholders, people outside of the university setting, in learning experiences is challenging. Jillian Student, a WIMEK Postdoc on Transdisciplinary Research and Education, will delve into why we would want to learn with instead of about external stakeholders to address societal and scientific goals. She will illustrate possible ways of including external stakeholders, what some of the challenges are, and potential resources for those looking to include external expertise. She will draw examples from an international MSc course she co-coordinates and her work to develop and support challenge-based learning at Wageningen University and Research.
  • contribution from TU Delft
    more information will follow



Tuesday 4 October 2022


09:30 -11:00




free of charge for anyone working at 4TU

Please note that the webinar is initially meant for 4TU staff.
If sufficient place is available, staff from other universities can also participate.
This will be known one week before the webinar takes place.