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Publications in the Simon Stevin series

Volume 34: Hofbauer, B. "Governing Prometheus. Ethical Reflections On Risk & Uncertainty In Solar Climate Engineering Research", 2024

Volume 33: Loosman, I. "Rethinking Informed Consent in mHealth", 2024

Volume 32: Bollen, C.J.M. "Empathy 2.0: What it means to be empathetic in a diverse and digital world", 2024

Volume 31: Asgarinia, H. "Privacy and machine learning-based artificial intelligence: Philosophical, legal, and technical investigations", 2024

Volume 30: Rossmaier, L.W.S. "mHealth Apps and Structural Injustice", 2024

Volume 29: Wiarda, M. "Responsible Innovation for Wicked Societal Challenges: An Exploration of Strenths and Limitations", 2023

Volume 28: Cañizares Gaztelu, J.C. "Normativity and Justice in Resillience Strategies", 2023

Volume 27: Waelen, R.A. "The Power of Computer Vision. A Critical Analysis", 2023

Volume 26: Gurzawska, A. "Responsible Innovation in Business: A Framework and Strategic Proposal", 2023

Volume 25: Arora, C. "Responsibilities in a Datafied Health Environment", 2022

Volume 24: Kudlek, K., "The Ethical Analysis of Moral Bioenhancement: Theoretical and Normative Perspectives", 2022

Volume 23: Astola, M., "Collective Virtues: A Response to Mandevillian Morality", 2022

Volume 22: Baş, M., "Technological Mediation of Politics: An Arendtian Critique of Political Philosophy of Technology", 2022

Volume 21: Jacobs, N., "Values and Capabilities: Ethics by Design for Vulnerable People", 2021

Volume 20: Bruynseels, K., "Responsible Innovation in Data-Driven Biotechnology", 2021

Volume 19: Lanzing, M., "The Transparent Self: a Normative Investigation of Changing Selves and Relationships in the Age of the Quantified Self", 2019

Volume 18: Hung, C., "Design for Green: Ethics and Politics for Behavior-Steering Technology", 2019

Volume 17: Zweistra, C.A., "Closing the Empathy Gap: Technology, Ethics, and the Other", 2019

Volume 16: Stone, T.W., "Designing for Darkness: Urban Nighttime Lighting and Environmental Values", 2019

Volume 15: Smids, J., "Persuasive Technology, Allocation of Control, and Mobility. An Ethical Analysis", 2018

Volume 14: Bergen, J., "Reflections on the Reversibility of Nuclear Energy Technologies", 2017

Volume 13: Spruit, S., "Managing the uncertain risks of nanoparticles. Aligning responsibility and relationships", 2017

Volume 12: Robaey, Z.H., "Seeding Moral Responsibility in Ownership. How to Deal with Uncertain Risks of GMOs", 2016

Volume 11: Bakx, G.C.H., "Safety in large-scale socio-technological systems: insights gained from a series of military systems studies", 2016

Volume 10: Sattarov, F.F., "Technology and Power in a Globalising World: A Political Philosophical Analysis", 2015

Volume 9: van Burken, C., "Moral Decision Making in Network Enabled Operations", 2014

Volume 8: Oosterlaken, I., "Taking a Capability Approach to Technology and Its Design: A Philosophical Exploration", 2013

Volume 7: Neelke, D., "Moral Responsibility in R&D Networks", 2011

Volume 6: Schuurbiers, D., "Social Responsibility in Research Practice", 2010

Volume 5: Taebi, B., "Nuclear Power and Justice between Generations", 2010

Volume 4: Manders-Huits, N., "Designing for Moral Identity in Information Technology", 2010

Volume 3: Valkenburg, G., "Politics by all means", 2009

Volume 2: Derksen, M.-H., "Engineering Flesh", 2008

Volume 1: Asveld, L., "Respect for Autonomy and Technological Risks", 2008