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How to apply for subsidy in the Simon Stevin series?

Criteria for subsidy in the Simon Stevin Series

1. PhD student members in the 4TU.Ethics Graduate School must publish their PhD thesis in the Simon Stevin series in order to be eligible to apply for this subsidy. Exceptions can be made when the PhD students have a better publishing opportunity (e.g. with an established publisher) as determined by the MT.

2. Recipients of the subsidy will provide 25 copies to the 4TU.Ethics Centre for distribution to the 4 departments and wider.

3. The Simon Stevin subsidy is in addition to any local subsidies per department.

4. The maximum subsidy per PhD thesis publication is €700.

Note that the subsidies of the department of a University and of the 4TU.Ethics together may not cover all costs. Send an email to for more information.