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15 May 2022
Using plants as antennae | Plantenna Blog #9
Using a plant to increase the radiation efficiency of an antenna, it seemed like science fiction until recently. However, a simulation study including an Antenna Booster, a simple printed circuit board (PCB) and a basic leaf model showed that the use of the plant itself as an antenna might actually be closer to reality than we think.
3 Mar 2022
Flow in the dark | Plantenna Blog #8
Frost that destroys the flowers buds of fruit trees is a recurring problem with severe damage to fruit production. In order to better understand when and where the flower buds are at risk and how to mitigate the damage, the Fruit frost project was started (Clarity on Fruitfrost (
6 Dec 2021
Looking inside the plant with MRI scanners | Plantenna Blog #7
How can we visualize a plant from within to diagnose the plant's health without cutting into its tissue? The solution can be found in ultra-high field MRI scanners; two to nine times stronger than hospital MRI scanners.
5 Oct 2021
Unravelling the sources of plant sounds | Plantenna Blog #6
Authors: Satadal Dutta and Gerard Verbiest, Department of Precision and Microsystems Engineering, Delft University of Technology.
10 Aug 2021
Thousands of autonomous plant sensors| Plantenna Blog#5
In the last decade we have witnessed exponential growth in wireless communications. Number of connected devices exceed the number of people on earth and the data rates can be as high as 1GB/s. The next wave in wireless technology will be about sensing the environment. 
11 May 2021
Which frequency to tune to? | Plantenna Blog #4
Despite the availability of various monitoring mechanisms such as measuring temperature, water content, soil nutrients, very little is leveraged for sensing applications in the agriculture and horticultural sectors. 
22 Apr 2021
Drones en windmolens om nachtvorst te bestrijden
Bas van de Wiel en Marie-Claire ten Veldhuis (Plantenna/ TU Delft) doen metingen in Zeeuwse boomgaard
16 Feb 2021
Plants as organic river cleaners | Plantenna Blog #3
As hydrologists we are interested in the interaction between plans and the water cycle. We traditionally look at plant transpiration,  the interception of precipitation by leaves, or detection vegetation water stress. However, new global environmental challenges also come with new roles for plants.
25 Nov 2020
Thirsty Tomatoes | Plantenna Blog #2
What hydrology students learned about tomato plants’ drinking habits.