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22 Oct 2021 - Source: Shutterstock (Fizkes)
New measurements improve diagnosis of ‘woman’s heart’
The method is already used in a number of major heart centers at home and abroad.
19 Oct 2021
Vier Turbo-Grants voor medisch-technisch onderzoek
Vier TURBO-subsidies zijn vandaag toegekend aan onderzoekers van de Universiteit Twente (TechMed Centrum) en het Radboudumc voor vernieuwend technisch-medisch onderzoek. Met de subsidie kunnen ze gezamenlijk een innovatief idee uitwerken.
16 Oct 2021
Sensors for a healthy lifestyle
An interview with the four reasearchers behind the Food intake project
16 Oct 2021
Start of development unique platform for data exchange in healthcare
The so-called Health Data Portal (HDP) enables the exchange of medical data from different types of institutions for the first time.
7 Oct 2021
Interview Dutch CardioVascular Alliance with 4TU researcher Jelmer Wolterink
4TU.Precision Medicine researcher Dr. Jelmer Wolterink (University of Twente) is participating in the DCVA (Dutch CardioVascular Alliance) Leadership Program; a network of talented and dedicated people who are seen as leaders in the future cardiovascular arena. The DCVA interviewed him about his experiences with this program.
6 Oct 2021 - Source: Juliette van Haren / Industrial Design TUE
Premature babies have improved odds in artificial uterus
Researchers of TU Eindhoven launch spin-off Juno to bring an artificial uterus for premature babies to the market.
4 Oct 2021
New 4TU.Health centre puts medical & health technology on the map
From now on, the four universities of technology in the Netherlands are combining their knowledge and expertise in the field of medical & health technology in a new 4TU centre: 4TU.Health. The ambition for this centre is to be a strategic discussion partner in the field of health and care with regard to designing solutions for tomorrow’s health & care challenges. Technology is one of the keys in solutions for ensuring our healthcare remains sufficiently staffed and affordable.
24 Sep 2021
Wij meten aan mensen zodat artsen gerichter kunnen behandelen
Wij meten aan mensen zodat artsen gerichter kunnen behandelen
23 Sep 2021
Klein beginnen met een hoger doel in gedachten
Hoe kun je die spreekkamer van de toekomst dan zo vormgeven dat digitalisering de zorg beter maakt? Dat is het uitgangspunt van Spreekkamer 2030.
8 Sep 2021
UT launches new app that offers emotional support to people with cancer
The University of Twente has now launched the free app ‘Compas-Y’. This app is intended for people diagnosed with cancer in the past year. Cancer almost always has a tremendous impact on people’s lives. How do you deal with the many emotions and uncertainties that come with the diagnosis and treatment? For most, this is not an easy task. To help support cancer patients in these challenging times, the University of Twente and UMCG researchers have teamed up with the MST hospital and patients and nursing staff to develop an app aimed at boosting resilience.
7 Sep 2021
Advance cancer and cardiac care through interpretable AI
Cardiac diseases and cancer are among the world’s leading causes of death. The ACACIA project aims to advance cancer and cardiac care with AI, taking a patient-centered and physician-centered approach to address unresolved challenges that hamper the adoption of AI in clinical practice.
19 Feb 2021
Eating Behavior Assessment
Concept Development and Use of an Automated Food Intake and Eating Behavior Assessment Method
26 Nov 2020
Interview with 4TU's Precision Medicine Team
The right treatment, in the right way, at the right time. The 4TU.Federation interviewed Tenure trackers Camilla Terenzi (WUR) and Jelmer Wolterink (UT) on the dream that connects the 4TU Precision Medicine team.