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4TU.Health - Activities

Together the four universities of technology contribute to healthcare and wellbeing in the Netherlands by strengthening and promoting the use of our technologies, knowledge and creativity. 4TU.Health is the point of contact when it comes to the importance of technology for future health & care.

Main activities of 4TU.Health

1. Stress the importance of technology for future health & care by showcasing 4TU activities which already are making a difference.                                   

2. Where appropriate, be an experienced strategic discussion partner for research & innovation key stakeholders in the field of health & care, such as ZonMw, health funds, Health Holland, VWS, DCVA, NFU, STZ hospitals, etc.

3. Contributing to the implementation of the National MedTech Agenda in collaboration with relevant public and private stakeholders.

4. Exchange of knowledge and best practices concerning preconditions for good research and innovation between the 4TU.Health partners, to strengthen our position as discussion partner.

4TU.Health partners: