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2 Feb 2024
Improved detection of tumour cells
The story of a Spin-off fetch
14 Dec 2023
Eindhoven University Fund receives legacy of over 5 million euro for research on 'health tech'
The University Fund Eindhoven has received a substantial donation from the Fred and Thea Philips Foundation (no relation to the Philips family). The benefactors expressed their wish for the funds to be dedicated to scientific research in the health sector, with the amount exceeding five million euros to be distributed over the next few years. For instance, this donation will be used to support the appointment of a doctoral candidate to research an innovative mat for premature infants.
14 Dec 2023
Release Cardiovascular Technology Research Agenda
In a significant step towards future-proof cardiovascular healthcare in the Netherlands, 4TU.Health and the Dutch CardioVascular Alliance (DCVA) published the Cardiovascular (Biomedical) Technology Research Agenda. To reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease by 25% by 2030, this strategic roadmap outlines a pioneering approach to address the challenges posed in cardiovascular health and care through innovative technology.
7 Nov 2023
Safe, cost-effective, donorless red blood cells
TU Delft and Sanquin have improved the production of cultured red blood cells (cRBCs), ensuring safety and quality surpassing the current donor system. These cells, with potential for novel treatments, offer an unlimited supply for blood transfusions
23 Oct 2023
Breakthrough in collaborative magnetic microrobotics
Researchers at the Surgical Robotics Laboratory of University of Twente successfully made two microrobots pick up, move and assemble passive objects in 3D environments. This achievement opens new horizons for promising biomedical applications
20 Oct 2023
Future Under Our Skin Event- UTwente
Future under our skin (FUOS): University of Twente (TechMed Centre).
19 Oct 2023
Major research launched for tailored approach to osteoarthritis
the Interdisciplinary consortium of Clinical Movement Sciences & Technology (ICMS) are starting 'TopTreat', set to provide tailor-made treatment for Osteoarthritis
27 Sep 2023
Healthcare is under stress but technology can provide solutions to aleviate this pressure
An integrated approach for future-proof healthcare was the topic of Medtech Day 2023, at Eindhoven University of Technology.
14 Sep 2023
Breakthrough way to train neuromorphic chips
Using a biosensor to detect cystic fibrosis as the test case, TU/e researchers have devised an innovative way to train neuromorphic chips as presented in a new paper in Nature Electronics.
13 Sep 2023
Emma Linders (TU Delft IDE alumnus) wins James Dyson Award
Emma Linders, who just graduated from the IDE faculty won the James Dyson award for the design of YpsoMate Refill- a reusable emergency pen that reduces emissions by 60%
6 Sep 2023
TU Delft students develop a 3D-printed larynx for improved training of doctors
Doctors from the Reinier de Graaf Hospital and students from TU Delft(and the Phantom lab) together developed a realistic and sustainable larynx model to help train doctors for a rare procedure involving removal of a blockage of the upper airway
1 Sep 2023
The Diameter app helps diabetes patients make lifestyle improvements
The Research & Development department of The Roessingh rehabilitation centre, researchers and medical specialists from UT and ZGT (Ziekenhuisgroep Twente) developed the Diameter app that helps diabetes patients make lifestyle improvements.
21 Aug 2023
Hester Anderiesen–Le Riche elected TU Delft Alumnus of the Year 2023
Hester is the founder and CEO of Tover, the company behind innovations such as the Tovertafel. During her PhD research at TU Delft, Le Riche developed a form of interactive play therapy using light projections for people with cognitive challenges suc
26 Jul 2023
The SALUD programme gives people with type-2 diabetes more control over their health
Wageningen university & Research have joined forces with diabetes patients, GPs, dieticians & practice support workers to develop the SALUD program, a new programme that focuses on day-to-day life and takes a broad perspective on health.
24 Jul 2023
DNA Origami offers a novel solution to create virus capsids of varied shapes
Researchers from Finland, Australia and the Netherlands utilise the benefits of DNA Origami to modify the shape of virus capsids.