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Health Research team 4TU.AMI


Mathematics is used in health research to make suitable models to improve our health and health care.

Research fields

Within the Health research team (SRO) we focus on three research directions:

  1. Medical Imaging
    Mathematics in medical imaging can be used in various ways. For example, we make models of the brain and transform them into images. These images are used to help neurosurgeons treat tumors. In addition, we develop mathematical models which simulate the healing of different types of burn wounds. Thus, revealing the mechanisms behind normal and abnormal wound healing.

  2. Optimization of medical processes
    Medical processes and logistics can be optimized using mathematics. For example, how do we make queuing more efficient and reduce the length of queues? How can we improve our health care planning to ensure that everyone receives help when needed?

  3. Modelling of biomedical processes
    We model biomedical processes using scientific computing. This helps us to understand processes in our body such as our metabolism or hormone system.