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Sanna Lehtinen

Aalto University
School of Arts, Design and Architecture
Transdisciplinary Arts Studies unit (TAS)
Visiting address:
Otaniementie 14
(room F201)
FI-02150 Espoo
Post address:
Otaniementie 14
(room F201)
FI-02150 Espoo


Sanna Lehtinen (PhD 2015, Univ. of Helsinki) is a Research Fellow in the Transdisciplinary Arts Studies unit (TAS) at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Her research focuses on urban environmental aesthetics, ethics and the philosophy of the city. Sanna’s publications include journal articles published in Open Philosophy, Essays in Philosophy, and Behaviour & Information Technology, articles in volumes published by Routledge and Springer as well as editing special issues for Contemporary Aesthetics and Open Philosophy. Sanna is the President of the Finnish Society for Aesthetics and Codirector of the international Philosophy of the City Research Group. Her current research interests include the aesthetics of new urban technologies and the environmental philosophy in the era of the climate crisis.


Selection of Recent Publications:

– Lehtinen, S. 2020. ”An Intergenerational Approach to Urban Futures: Introducing the Concept of Aesthetic Sustainability”, in Moving from Landscapes to Cityscapes and Back: Theoretical and Applied Approaches to Human Environments, eds. A. Haapala, B. Frydryczak & M. Salwa. Lodz: Przypis1, pp. 111–119.

– Lehtinen, S. 2020 (forthcoming). “Editorial Introduction to the Topical Issue on Philosophy of the City”, Open Philosophy, 3(1).

– Lehtinen, S. 2020. “Editorial Introduction to the Special Volume on Urban Aesthetics”, in “Special Volume on Urban Aesthetics”, Contemporary Aesthetics, Special vol. 8.

– Lehtinen, S. 2020. “Buildings as Objects of Care in the Urban Environment”, in Aesthetics in Dialogue: Applying Philosophy of Art in a Global World, eds. Z. Somhegyi & M. Ryynänen, Berlin: Peter Lang, pp. 223–236.

– Lehtinen, S. & Vihanninjoki, V. 2020. ”Aesthetic Perspectives on Urban Technologies: Conceptualizing and Evaluating the Technology-Driven Changes in the Urban Experience”, in Technology and the City: Towards a Philosophy of Urban Technologies, eds. M. Nagenborg, M. G. Woge, T. Stone & P. Vermaas. Dordrecht: Springer.

– Lehtinen, S. & Vihanninjoki, V. 2019. “Seeing New in the Familiar: Intensifying Aesthetic Engagement with the City through New Location-Based Technologies”, Behaviour & Information Technology 2019, (8 pages).

– Mladenovic, M., Lehtinen, S., Soh, E. & Martens, K. 2019. “Emerging Urban Mobility Technologies through the Lens of Everyday Urban Aesthetics: Case of Self-Driving Vehicle”, _Essays in Philosophy _20(2): Topical issue “The Philosophical Dimensions of Urban Transportation” (ed. Shane Epting), (25 pages).

– Vihanninjoki, V. & Lehtinen, S. 2019. “Moving in the Metropolis: Smart City Solutions and the Urban Everyday Experience”, in Architecture and the Smart City, eds. S. Figueiredo, S. Krishnamurthy & T. Schröder. London & New York: Routledge, pp. 210–220.