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Martin Peterson

Texas A&M University
Full professor


Martin Peterson (1975) is the Sue and Harry Bovay Professor of History and Ethics of Professional Engineering at Textas A&M University. Up to 2014, he was Professor of Ethics at Eindhoven University of Technology.

He works on ethical issues related to technology, risk and uncertainty, as well as on topics in ethical theory, decision theory, and various branches of applied ethics. Before coming to the Netherlands, he worked for three years at the University of Cambridge, where he was a Research Fellow in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science and Director of Studies in Philosophy at St Edmund's College. He has also worked at a couple of technical universities in Sweden (KTH and Lulea University of Technology).


Peterson has authored six books:

Ethics in the Gray Area: A Gradualist Theory of Right and Wrong, Cambridge University Press, in press (July 2023).

Ethics for Engineers, Oxford University Press 2019.

The Ethics of Technology: A Geometric Analysis of Five Moral Principles, Oxford University Press 2017.

The Prisoner's Dilemma (ed.), Cambridge University Press 2015.

The Dimensions of Consequentialism, Cambridge University Press 2013. 

An Introduction to Decision Theory, Cambridge University Press 2009 (2nd edition 2017).

Non-Bayesian Decision Theory, Springer 2008.


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