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Maarten Verkerk

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The Netherlands


Maarten Verkerk (1953) is extraordinary professor of Reformational Philosophy. He studied chemistry and theoretical physics in Utrecht (1977) and received his PhD in technical sciences at the Technical University Twente (1982). He was a senior researcher at the Research Laboratory of Philips (1982-1986). In the period 1986-2002 he was manager in the industrial area (development, manufacturing) in The Netherlands, Germany and Taiwan. In the period 2003-2007 he was division manager and director of a psychiatric hospital. In 2004 he received a second PhD at the University Maastricht. The title of this thesis was Trust and Power on the Shop Floor. An ethnographical, ethical, and philosophical study on responsible behaviour in industrial organizations. The research interests of Maarten Verkerk include: feminism, responsibility processes in industrial organizations, change management, ethics of technology, ethics of management and organization, and innovation in health care.

Maarten Verkerk is author and co-author of many articles and books. He wrote amongst others about feminism the monograph Sekse als antwoord (1997), about team work in factories Marktgericht productiemanagement. Van taakgroep naar mini-company (with De Leede van Van der Tas, 1997), about improvement cultures Improvement Teams at Work (with Jansen, 2005), about the implementation of codes and ethical programs Verantwoord gedrag op de werkvloer (with Leerssen, 2005), about sciencefiction films De Matrix Code (with Cusveller and De Vries, 2007), and about philosophy of technology Denken, ontwerpen, maken. Basisboek techniekfilosofie (withHoogland, Van der Stoep and De Vries, 2007).

Maarten Verkerk also holds a chair of Reformational Philosophy at the University Maastricht. Besides that he is director of an innovation network in health care (VitaValley).