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Information for 4TU webmasters

About 4TU websites and subsites of institutes and educational programmes are built in the Content Management System WebHare. The sites are hosted by WebHare B.V., the company that built the websystem WebHare. WebHare B.V. ( is a spin-off of the University of Twente. 

4TU website manager

Do you need to create a new website within, or do you have general questions about 4TU-websites? Please contact the 4TU project manager,

Assistance for webmasters

If you have questions when working with the 4TU template please contact:

The website docs.webhare (Dutch version | English version ) contains general WebHare manuals, also for webforms and more.

Login information

All webmasters log in using, using the email address that has been provided for this system.

If you need a new user account, please contact the 4TU project manager,

Receiving Google Analytics statistics

If you would like to get Google Analtytics information about your website please contact

Creating an intranet

If you want to create an intranet (pages only available for members of the 4TU universities), please create a folder with the name intranet4tu. The title is not relevant. All files in that folder will be unavailable for people outside 4TU.