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Coding the Soul, Decoding the Machine
Computers are ubiquitous, surrounding and infiltrating almost every aspect of our daily lives. Everything from our coffee makers to our smartphones operates on code. Yet our interactions with machines and programs remain to the largest extents bound to pre-defined routines or interfaces.
How to be a designer in the world of (bio)materials?
Our material world is in a state of flux. As we all are aware by now, the global overconsumption of natural resources can’t continue. The ecological problems caused by material production, use, and disposal need to be solved urgently.
Metamodern making in a textile topology
Making materials and textiles in the postdigital era involves a synthesis of multiple, multi-species skills and mediums. The agency of fibre, substance, algorithm, and AI work in a joint endeavour with human and non-human participants in contexts of the future everyday. An everyday that is changed by these evolving practices. How we live and make tomorrow is already being constituted by how we are living and making today. 
De-centering the human
The last years has seen a great surge of more-than-human (MTH) research and design. The field has explored ways of understanding, investigating, and imagining the world anew by going beyond human perception and cognition. Building on a strong theoretical ground of post-humanism, these pioneering works paved the way for studying why there is a need and what it means to have a MTH approach in design. Now it is time to connect these theories to MTH practice and develop our designerly ways of framing the scope and “doing” MTH design.   
Unsuspecting AI author caught in debate and tricked into putting humans first
Mathias Funk, Sara Colombo (TUE), Philip van Allen (TUD) and Cristina Zaga (UT)
Repetitive answers and circular arguments: entangling AI in a conversation on design
Sara Colombo and Mathias Funk - Eindhoven University of Technology
Knit x Code
Marie-Louise Stisen Kjerstein SĂžrensen, Bjarke Vognstrup Fog, Line Have Musaeus and Marianne Graves Petersen
Design for happiness
Ambra Trotto (RISE) and Caroline Hummels (TUE)
Politics in Design
Annemiek van Boeien - Delft University of Technology
The Contestation Café
Robert Collins - UmeÄ University
Becoming more than human - Shifts for designing with
Elisa Giaccardi - Delft University of Technology
The Politics of Design and the Design of Politics
Nolen Gertz - University of Twente
Connecting Pasts, Presents, and Design Futures
Dan Lockton - Eindhoven University of Technology
Designing <intentionally blank> Bees
Ron Wakkary - Eindhoven University of Technology
Embedded Designers uncovered
Dieuwertje de Wagenaar (WUR) & Milene Gonçalves (TUD)
Protein Transition
Remco de Kluizenaar - Wageningen University & Research
Design with and for Changing Things
Heather Wiltse - UmeÄ Institute of Design (UmeÄ University)
Blended-ness and the future of connected interactions
Himanshu Verma - Delft University of Technology
A Data-Driven Peek into “Living with” Living Artefacts
Bahar Barati - Eindhoven University of Technology
Entanglement Design
Jelle van Dijk - University of Twente
Even responsible designers are only human
Geke Ludden - University of Twente
The hidden crisis
Jeroen van Erp - Delft University of Technology
Designers, please guide us!
Paul Hekkert - Delft University of Technology
Trust me, I’m a designer
Roy Bendor - Delft University of Technology
Living Matter(s)
Miguel Bruns - Eindhoven University of Technology
Livingness as a material quality in design
Elvin Karana - Delft University of Technology
Embedding Design in the Big Picture
Bregje van Eekelen - Delft University of Technology
Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV. Who knew? It is an ecology!
Mathias Funk - Eindhoven University of Technology
Aesthetics of Intelligence
Stephan Wensveen - Eindhoven University of Technology
Juggling with Data
Jacky Bourgois - Delft University of Technology